One of the most famous attractions in Corfu is the Paleokastritsa caves, they are over 6 caves and each of them has a mystery around it. One of them has the name Nausika, the name of the daughter of the king of Finikia, who saved Odysseas as Omiros describes. The unique crystal clear waters will get your mind blown off.

The caves are accessible only via sea so you have to find a way to reach them. There are plenty of options, the smartest is to rent your own boat and a map. You need just 2 hours to explore all off the caves. Form Paleokastritsa bay are many rent boat services  and the average cost to rent a boat for all the day is about 50 to 80 euro. Be sure, you will enjoy it and the best of all you don’t need even licence to drive the boat!

Another option is to go with a group. The same people who rent boats organize as well daily trips. Just get to Paleokastritsa bays and you will find many leaflets with paleokastritsa caves instructions and guides for daily trips.

The last option is over pedalo for only those caves situated close to the beach.

If you plan to discover the caves, you have to be sure to take with you a hat, water and sun cream because you have to protect yourself from the sun in the middle of the sea!

Lets see some pictures from Paleokastrits caves.

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