A few words about us and what we offer:

Rent a boat in Corfu and other islands can be difficult some times, especially through the July and August. Eboathire is an online reservation service that aims to bring together the boat owners around Greece and the people from all around the world.

We are not a competitive booking website, we just promote the boat description and images through the internet using the best SEO tools and techniques available.

There is only a small fee for  the reservation and you have just to pay the owner the day you arrive at the boat( usually after you have finished your ride). Our partners also offer a variety of many other services like: diving/fishing equipment or pick up from your location.  Some of the extra services are free so you need to ask every time depending the owner.

Eboathire.com offers you the option to see the boats and the locations before you visit  Greece so that you are able to make a reservation and don’t waste your time talking to locals and staying in line for hours…

Disclaimer and notices

The prices and the descriptions(boats) in our website may change from time to time. Due to the different boat owners that we collaborate with. Some of them may have different terms and conditions for renting their boats.

We try and get the best price available for you. We guarantee that it will be cheaper if you make a reservation through us, than going to the port and try to find the best deal in the last minute.

We PROVIDE the following services totally free of charge:

  • A Rating System that you can use to express your opinion about the service just by using a user friendly review/star rating system.
  • User Reviews can be generated for a more detail view about your trip and experience. Feel free to write negative or positive reviews depending on the situation.
  • Live Support is for both the customer and the boat owners. Contact us at any time and we will be more than happy to help you or answer any questions you may have.
  • Privacy/Security is delivered using the latest web technologies available and by the secure way for making your reservation,  which we use in our website.