The driver of the boat should possess the necessary sea travel knowledge. The driver is also responsible for all matters that may arise.HE must respect the Port Authority Rules and the International Codes for avoidance of collisions.ALSO HE must possess a mobile telephone AND protect the boat from possible damage.

Otherwise, he will be charged the cost for the damage incurred and also for the loss of income of the company during the time that the boat remains under repair.The boat is delivered and returned at the same point. Otherwise, the cost incurred (which cannot be calculated in advance) will be charged to the customer.For your own safety remain in Caldera, and follow the recommended route on the map provided. Return before sunset in order to facilitate visibility and orientation.

Telephone and inform your time of arrival 30 minutes in advance. so that we can arrange to be there for the return of the boat. Do not leave the boat unattended until it is returned to one of our employees. Control together with our employee the condition of the boat.



Always keep your life jackets on. In the worst of situations you are safer and more visible on an ungoverned or even capsized boat than swimming alone in the open sea. Abandon only in case of uncontrolled fire and make sure you take with you all the necessary equipment in order to be able to signal for help.

Always be updated on the weather conditions and monitor the condition of the boat.Do not stop or pull the boat on the beach. NOT ALL OFF The beaches in Corfu consist of thin sand, SO as a result THIS may cause damage to the boat.

Do not anchor the boat very close to the beach. in order to avoid any possible damage to the boat. When approaching a port or bay do not tie the boat randomly. Always consult the people in charge about the most appropriate place in order to avoid any damage to the boat and disturbance to the local people.

Keep distance from floating ropes and fishing equipment.The boat does not have a fishing permit, therefore, fishing from it is prohibited. You will be subject to the consequences of violation of fishing regulations.


Keep a distance of at least 200m from where swimmers may be found. If you need to approach an area where there are swimmers, maintain lowest possible speed and be on the alert to avoid collisions or accidents.
Keeps 100m distance from the red floaters indicating the position of divers.
Always give precedence to sail boats, rowing boats and generally to all boats approaching from your right.
When you cross routes with other boats always pass from their rear and never in front of them.