Driving a boat is a fantastic experience. Something you can do everyday in your life and never get tired. Just respect the boat and the sea, and your trip is going to be fantastic.


We have a rescue boat AVAILABLE AT anytime in our base, so in case of emergency we can be close to you immediately.

There is a mobile phone in every boat , SO you can talk with us anytime for free.Boats are insured for thirdParties.

All of the boats have to be back at 18.00. Boats have all the safety equipment and they ARE checked before your cruise.You have to be 18 years old to drive a boat.Everyone who is going to be on the boat have to hear the 10 minutes information (not only the driver).

We never go away from the island (max 1 mile). The Maximum number of people that can get on the boat can be seen on the boats page. Do not overload the boat.Customers have to be 20 minutes before their cruise on the base, in order to hear the information.Alcohol is not allowed for everybody on the boat.


1. Booking Conditions and Refunds

Cancellations may occur due to weather conditions. In that case arrangements are made between the client and the owner. Meaning that we either change the date or cancel the booking.No up front cost are involved.
Smoking is prohibited while cruising and shoes with heels are not allowed on the boat. The operator and occupants of the boat must not consume or bring with them any alcohol or any other prohibited substances within the boat.
The driver of the boat must respect the Port Authority Rules and the International Codes for avoidance of collisions.The driver of the boat must possess a mobile telephone. The tenant before boarding the vessel agrees that it is absolutely responsible for anything lost or damaged on the boat.
According to the rental agreement the tenant must sign prior to departure.The boat is delivered and returned at the same point. Otherwise, the cost incurred (which cannot be calculated in advance) will be charged to the customer.
For your own safety remain in Corfu, and follow the recommended route on the map provided. Return before sunset in order to facilitate visibility and orientation. The distance that can be traveled with the boat is 3 miles from each direction (left or right).
Please make sure that you call us and inform us of your time of arrival 30 minutes in advance so that we can arrange to be there for the return of the boat. Do not leave the boat unattended until it is returned to one of our employees. Control together with our employee the condition of the boat.The renter/driver does not have to pay anything extra for the rescue equipment and safety equipment that is on board.


2. Payment methods

We accept cash and major credit cards(please mention in advance the way you want to pay)


3. Fuel Cost

The cost of gasoline is extra and depending the amount of fuel you have consumed. All our boats are provided with a full tank of petrol and the tenant shall pay the amount of fuel liters consumed.
The renter is prohibited to carry other passengers other than those written on rental agreement or objects. The renter shall note that carrying passengers or property that exceeds the total max weight of the boat specifications. That implies heavy penalties by Local Port Authority. The boat and the engine  should not be used for racing and/or for any other illegal purposes.


Third Party Insurance
Our boats are all insured for third party insurance type which typically covers personal accidents to passengers and third parties (third party) and in the event of any water pollution caused.