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Rent a boat in Vourvourou Halkidiki 2021


The best place to rent a boat is Vourvourou is a small village with plenty off rocky coves, where scattered seafood taverns and nightclubs cater to summer resort guests. Vourvourou is Sithonia’s choice pick for high end accommodation. With its roots in tourism, Vourvourou is the playground for mainly the Greek and Russian creme de la creme.

Chalkidiki, also spelt Chalkidike, Chalcidice, Khalkidhiki or Halkidiki (Greek: Χαλκιδική, romanized: Chalcidicḗ, [xalciðiˈci]), is a peninsula and regional unit of Greece, part of the Region of Central Macedonia in Northern Greece. The autonomous Mount Athos region constitutes the easternmost part of the peninsula, but not of the regional unit. The capital of Chalkidiki is the main town of Polygyros, located in the centre of the peninsula.

Rent a boat Vourvourou : History and topology

Chalkidiki borders on the regional unit of Thessaloniki to the north. Its largest towns are Nea Moudania (Νέα Μουδανιά), Nea Kallikrateia (Νέα Καλλικράτεια) and the capital town of Polygyros (Πολύγυρος). There are several summer resorts on the beaches. Also there other minor towns and villages  located around. For example, Yerakini (Gerakina Beach), Neos Marmaras (Porto Carras), Ouranoupolis, Nikiti, Psakoudia, Kallithea (Pallene/Pallini, Athos).

The area was a colony (apoikia) of the ancient Greek city-state of Chalkis. == History == The first Greek settlers in this area came from Chalcis and Eretria, cities in Euboea, around the 8th century BC who founded cities such as Mende, Toroni and Scione a second wave came from Andros in the 6th century BC who founded cities such as Akanthos.

Boat hire in vourvourou
Vourvourou boat hire

Rent a boat Vourvourou Guide


Rent a boat and Vourvourou fit together like a hand in glove. With its nine-island archipelago, Vourvourou is a unique destination in Halkidiki. These islands group together to form a bay between them and the mainland. ooking to find a boat in Vourvourou, Halkidiki? Eboathire boat rental offers a variety of boats, with skipper or not, for everyone. Renting a boat has never been easier. Protected from the open sea, the water in the bay is calm and ideal for boating. And renting a boat is the thing to do in Vourvourou, you don’t need a license. Spend the day exploring the beaches and inlets of Diaporos, the other islands, or even the mainland. Take your picnic basket along and have a romantic afternoon on your own isolated cove or island.

Vourvourou is not just the place for small boats, yachts are also a common feature. Don’t be surprised to see some yachts or sailboats anchored in the bay as some of the affluent also take advantage of the treasures that Vourvourou has to offer.

Rent a boat Vourvourou is the best choice whether you are a first timer or you are a little rusty, there is no need to worry. Our boats carrying 30 hp don’t require any license. Rent a boat in Vourvourou and experience of driving your own private boat & explore the beaches around. For even more experienced captains, we recommend locating Sporades Islands.

Either you have a license or not, you always have the option of a boat trip . Reveal those little-hidden smudges, you would probably miss otherwise .

Whether you choose to drive the boat or hire a professional Skipper, do not miss the opportunity to get yourself in the easily accessible paradise of Chalkidiki  .

rent a boat vourvourou
Rent a boat vourvourou

What to do in Vourvourou

Vourvourou deviates from the norm. There’s not a lot of restaurants or shops, Vourvourou is more of a collection of hotels and apartments, so what is there to do in Vourvourou?

Thanks to the unexpectedly walking segments, the mitigate ocean and the balmy summertime airs, Chalkidiki is identical for renters of all happen tiers. Our professional crew will help you find the cruising destination that suits you best .

Traveling further in Chalkidiki, you get the opportunity to enjoy endless miles of sandy sea with wonderful views and to discover unspoiled agrees. Explore Chalkidiki with safety and style from the deck of your boat .

Heading north from Vourvourou towards Ormos Panagias, Talgo beach has one of Halkidiki’s most famous beach bars that organizes concerts. Lagonisi beach is a popular family spot in a beautiful setting. From the Ormos Panagias harbor take a Mt. Athos cruise which is one of Halkidiki’s most favorite tours. Going south of Vourvourou you reach the beach bar zone with many beloved beaches such as Bahia beach, Rodia beach, Zografou beach and Oneirou beach, each is uniquely different and attracts a different crowd.

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Safety on board is made very seriously by the company. It is vital for our clients to feel comfy and secure whilst navigate the boat. All our boats are compliant with Greek laws and standards. Our crew is highly trained on how to ensure a safe boating insight for all customers. They all hold all the required qualifications. After their detailed brief, you will be ready and safe for your travel . boat rental is your gateway to private cruising in Vourvourou. We are ready to assist you in every step of the journey, from ideas to reserves & your onset to changes you will experience our professional remedy. No other boat rental business can concur our standards of service .

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