Boat hire corfu

Boat hire corfu

Hire Boat in Corfu: everything you need to know

Boat hire corfu is available at the most spots showing on the map. Also there is an online reservation service available in case, you need to plan ahead for your vacation.Using the online service you can be sure that a boat of your choice will be waiting for oy without any upfront costs. When thinking of hiring a boat in Corfu we have all the information you need to get you started.To use the service just go to and make a reservation with a few clicks in no time.

First lets have a look at the map of Corfu ,here we can see all the beaches available around the island .

Boat Hire Corfu Beaches available

Corfu swimming and beaches:

Swimming and fishing is also available on request. Suitable for those who need a bit more action. Meet with local life and culture. Don’t forget to check the taverns and small tourist shops when you reach at a beach . There you will find all the Greek kouzine and great gifts for you and your family or friends back home. If you are not sure about something or need something that it is not mention , just ask the locals or the shop/boat owners for assistance and they will be more than happy to help you.

Finally, for your own safety is good to know that all the boats are checked each year by Port authorities. They all are in absolutely excellent condition to provide a comfortable and safe journey. Don’t hesitate to ask everything you wish to know, you will always get back an answer and a friendly smile.

Boat Hire Corfu Sample Video

The following video is just a shor viedo to show how a small boat looks like and the wonderful waters around Corfu island. Also dont forget to bring sun glasses and hat, you will need them after so many hours in the sea!!Enjoy!!

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