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Corfu information: history, statistics and weather

The following details is about one of the most beautiful Ionian Islands, Corfu(Kerkyra)


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Short History

Corfu has seen a variable interesting past where Greek, Roman, Venetian and French occupations have left their own marks, including two amazing fortresses. Many myths and legends created for Corfu including: Hercules, Homer, Odysseus and Jason with his Argonauts. Nowadays , Corfu Town is on the UNESCO World Heritage List which has helped to protect and preserve the architecture and monuments on Corfu.

Corfu information old Fortress

Corfu Location

Corfu is one of the Ionian Islands, North-West Greek Coast (39°40′N 19°45′E). Many are surprised to learn that the coast directly opposite Corfu is not Greece, but Albania. The narrow channel between Corfu and Albania, in places, is less than 2km.

Kerkyra or Corfu Town, is the capital of Corfu. The town is a historic maze of narrow streets dominated by the 16th century fortress. Around every corner can you can find a chapel, old mansion or secret garden square. The café at the Liston: built by the French in the same style as those in Rue de Rivoli, Paris; is probably the place to ‘people watch’ while enjoying a Ginger beer. (The British also left Cricket, which was played on the pitch opposite the Liston.

Corfu Town information

Corfu Statistics

Corfu Population: 109,512

Capital: Corfu Town

Corfu Island Size: 597km² (Aprox 63km Long and 28km Wide)

Corfu Highest Mountain: Mount Pantokratoras (906m)

Coastline of Corfu: 217 km

Number of Beaches on Corfu: 92 (Sandy and Shingle)

Language Spoken on Corfu: Greek (English commonly spoken)

Corfu Climate And Weather

Corfu’s tourist season is from early May until the end of October. The hottest (and driest) months being July and August where the temperature will often reach 35 Celsius. Some tourists do visit Corfu during the winter months and although mild, it can often be wet(very high humidity levels). Our detailed Corfu Weather Chart can help you choose when to visit.

In addition to the above you can always check the weather live Here:,20.057,10

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