Aqua Star 30hp Ermones Boat Hire

5 persons starts from 110 € per day

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    Boat Description

    • Aqua Star is 30hp a boat for 5 persons.
    • It Is not required a licence to drive it.
    • Aqua Star is available to rent in Ermones – Ermones Beach(Stamatis).
    • The Company offers 20 minutes lesson before you drive the boat.
    • Aqua Star is a 4-strokes engine, that means it has very low fuel consumption.
    • We offer fishing rod after request for free.
    • Payment over credit card is acceptable.
    • The gasoline that you spend for the ride it is  charged extra and depends on the liters you spent.
    1. Look for, and pass from a safe distance (30feet) the following things:
      1. Swimmers
      2. Buoys – There can be a lot of slack rope
      3. Shallow waters


    2. Following the coastline (NOT TOO CLOSE, NOT TOO FAR) when you see a point of interest, stop and remember to throw the anchor. Make sure the anchor is touching the bottom with 6 feet slack rope.
    3. When you reach the caves, don’t go inside with the boat, as there may be a wave from another boat or weather change.
    4. When starting and stopping the engine make sure ger position is in neutral.
    5. Thw propeller must be in at least waist deep water.
    6. Always make sure there are no swimmers near the engine when starting.

    Third party boat insurance, as it is often called, provides cover for damages that the owner, guests or crew have caused against a third party in conjunction with the use of the vessel, including collision. If any damage happen, like crash in rocks or any damage were responsible is the renter, must pay the price of the damage

    Boat Features

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