Rent a Boat in Corfu

Rent a boat in Corfu island can be very simple and easy using our service. We arrange everything for you and you just have to enjoy your holidays and make the most out of your trip with the boat. Our services in Corfu is a must , even if you have done it before, because of the amazing and hidden beaches that you can only access by boat. is a free for all website showing all the available boats (only from selected and verified partners/boat owners) so you can check the details and the price of the boat that you like. If you want you can book in advance as many days as you like(sometimes there is a small fee for the reservation). Our website is open for you to explore 24/7 and through all the year. The reservations made in the winter will be sorted out when the season starts( April).

We try to add more boats and more locations every year to advertise the beaches and the experiences that you can find in Corfu, Greece. Our website has reviews and comments available from other users that you can check before you decide which boat is the best for your needs. We advise you to do the same(review your experience with the boat) so that others can see it too.

Rent a boat in Corfu - Amazing Beackh in Corfu Palaiokastritsa
Paradise Beach

The above fotograph is just a small sample of the wonderful waters and the hidden places that you can find.  Visit us now and we will gladly assist you with your boat trip.

Rent a boat in Corfu using our services.


Rent a boat in Corfu : Map of the amazing beaches

Rent a Boat in Corfu

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